What is Celerio?

What is Celerio?


If you google “Celerio meaning” based on the web definitions you will be redirected  to a wiki page which would redirect you to “family of moths”. Yes “Celerio” actually is synonym to genes Hyles.


Is this what I wanted to tell you?

No absolutely not, let me tell you what actually “Celerio” would mean etymologically (as per my experience being an amateur etymologist). “Celerio” must follow the Greek root Celer, swiftness or acceleration followed by Rio, sorry but I don’t know why exactly “Rio” has been added might be to make the word as beautiful as the city Rio is!


Ok done with “What is Celerio?” now “Who is Celerio?”

Ok now to the point, yes any google guess would let you know “Celerio” is the new member to the India’s favourite car manufacturers Maruti Suzuki India’s family. And the new Maruti Suzuki Celerio is being introduced to the family at the Auto Expo-2014 a CARnival.


And Maruti Suzuki is presenting this with a first of its kind technology  which the company has christened as EZ drive.Yes you got it “Easy Drive”.


What is this EZ Drive Technology?

As promised “Celerio” has got a first of its kind transmission technology called two pedal Auto Gear Shift.Two pedals, yes two pedals without a clutch pedal, is an Automated Manual Technology.

Automated Manual Transmission Technology is derived from Formula 1 and it’s a combo family pack for comfort as well as fuel efficiency.Its production cost is also less when compared to traditional automatic transmissions.

But how without a clutch?

This technology comprises of an electronic unit and a hydraulic system (robotic arm) that would supervise the use of the clutch and gear mechanism. So that we can change the gear without using the clutch both manual as well as automatically.

It operates in the same way as the conventional manual transmission of a car i.e, the clutch engages and disengages but here automatically.


 How does it work?

Let me tell this in a nutshell, at the gear-lever unit placed between the front two seats we would see three slots in the right and one slot in the left.

The three slots in the right would have a ‘D’, a ‘N’ and a ‘R’ .

So ‘D’ for drive, ‘N’ for neutral and ‘R’ for reverse.

The one slots in the left is as

‘M’ i.e., manual with options ‘+’ for up shift and ‘-’ for down shift.



So before you fire your engine you have to make sure you have the lever in the ‘N’ mode and  the brake pedal is pressed as because of such an advantage to your car for safety concern the  car won’t start!

Yes for safety. So as soon as you start the car go on accelerating, so now finally I can co-relate with my amateur etymology as the term “Celerio” the Greek root “celer”, swiftness or acceleration.


The car has got the much tested and tried K-series 1-litre engine. And the manufacturer of the technology claims that if operated in the optimum range the car would get even better results in the terms of fuel reduction and reduced CO2 emission when compared to the automatic transmissions.


And I guess this is the reason why Maruti Suzuki is so confident about the marketing of Maruti Suzuki Celerio as the bookings have already started for the car for an amount of Rs 10,000 only. With a hope to see the car on road soon I hereby conclude,

keep CAR+ing and caring your car!

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